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Dynamic Packaging Insurance

As the name suggests, our Dynamic Packaging Insurance Policy is all encompassing covering all the travel arrangements booked by a travel agent as long as it is not bonded or insured elsewhere.

For full particulars, please refer to the Certificate Wording (DPI) and the full Policy Wording (DPI). The Dynamic Packaging Insurance Policy can be sold as a stand alone item or it can be included in a travel insurance policy, credit card or club membership of any travel club. The Policy can be ‘tailor-made’ to suit individual company needs.

For ease of reference you are covered for the following:
For the insolvency of any travel arrangements booked in the UK with a bonded agent (not forming part of an inclusive holiday) and not bonded or insured already.

These would include:
Scheduled airlines (see wording PPIPB);
Car ferries
Villas abroad & cottages in the UK
Railway journeys (including the Eurostar)
Coach journeys
Cruises not bonded
Car hire
Caravan sites / campsites / mobile homes
Camper rental
Euro tunnel
Theme parks such as Disneyland Paris.

You are not covered under the Dynamic Packaging Insurance Policy for the following:

The booking agent or consolidator, therefore it is the travel agents' commercial decision to book with them and thus their responsibility.


DPI Sample Certificate Wording - Dynamic Packaging Insurance
DPI Sample Policy Wording - Dynamic Packaging - 'add on' to travel insurance policies
SAF DPI – ‘add on’ to Travel Insurance

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